How I Got Here

It seems like I've always played guitar.  I made a deal with my parents when I was 9 that I would study piano for a year and then start they would let me start the guitar. It was a good deal. I continued with piano as well.


I started with electric guitar and then expanded into classical in my teens.

I graduated with Honours in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Western Ontario.


I have studied with several outstanding teachers, namely Tony Bradan (jazz musician with the CBC orchestra who taught me how to understand the guitar), Ray Sealey (former teacher at the University of Western Ontario who taught me interpretation and how to be a performer) and Eli Kastner (who studied with Segovia and founded the Guitar Society of Toronto).


 After University I returned to the real world where I realized that not everyone liked or even knew much about classical guitar.  Rather than continue to teach guitar, which I had already done for many years, I decided to join a punk band.  O.K. so that didn't work out, though I continued to write pop songs in varying styles for 30 years.  I had a few published in the U.S. but nothing really came of it.


In the last couple of years I have returned to classical guitar.  Using the experience I gained writing and recording pop music, I have spent the first 2 years learning how to better record the classical guitar.  I have experimented with mic placement and location, recording in several small historic churches in southern Ontario.  At the moment I  record myself using two balanced Neumann KM 184 microphones, each placed around one and a half to two meters from the guitar and to the left and right side.